Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our First Mardi Gras as 3

It's crazy to think about how much can change in one year. Last year's carnival season was not so enjoyable for this pregnant momma. This year....well, this year was the best yet. We went out just the two of us to see Katie in Muses. I looked forward to this night for weeks...however a stomach bug that Mark brought home from daycare prevented me from enjoying the night too much. But it wasn't so bad that I didn't enjoy myself at all. Friday night we decided to just hang out the 3 of us since the weather was crummy and we all still had lingering remnants of this awful stomach virus. Saturday was a washout. Sunday, George had to work that am, so our good friends Melissa and Jordan agreed to pick up Mark and I so I wouldnt have to tote all of our gear and baby alone. George was to meet us as soon as he got off work that morning. It was freezing but Mark was perfect.
Can you sense how cold we are?!

Not this sweet boy! Always happy.

After a little confusion about our location, My mom, Mr. Peter, Pierce, George, Aunt Erin, Steve, Zac, Sophie and Kim and her family were all together! The clouds parted and it was a beautiful day. Mark got plenty of Mimi time which I loved watching.
He adores his mimi.

Monday was one of my favorite parts...mostly because it was so unplanned and I put my schedule/crazy planner self aside. We anticipated a sitter for Monday night but when that didn't work out, I let George talk me into bringing Mark out for an evening parade. Mark loved the bright lights of the parade and the marching bands. He was in such a good mood and we had a wonderful time the three of us. Mardi Gras day was very low key. We went to see my Aunt Erin before they headed back home and we were home by lunch time. We had a glorious family nap that afternoon. All in all, it was the perfect Mardi Gras! I cannot wait to watch Mark next year when he understands what is going on. I can't wait to get his ladder and wagon. I felt incredibly blessed this Mardi Gras.


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