Friday, February 3, 2012

First Flight

So this evening we will be flying with a baby for the FIRST TIME EVER! George has two weeks of vacation so we are going to visit his parents in Orlando. No, we aren't going to Disney World this time. I just can't rationalize spending over $100 for a baby who is just as easily entertained by a water bottle and my terrible singing.

If I can be honest, I'm a little apprehensive and excited all at the same time. About the flying, that is. Apprehensive because we are embarking on unchartered territory (at least for us) and excited for, well, the same exact reason. I'm a little nervous because we scheduled the flight to take off at his bedtime. This could either be incredibly genius or awfully stupid. I guess we'll see. I'm excited because I just love watching my little man discover new things. The airport, the plane, the sounds of the engine. I'm sure I'll be that annoying mommy taking tons of pictures. I have been told to nurse him during take off and landing if he is awake in order to aleviate the pressure. I have all my props packed in the event that is necessary. I am very proud that we managed to pack EVERYthing in one large suitcase and one small suitcase and two reasonable carry ons. We are even bringing two King Cakes with us! I can't wait to see us try to maneuver all of that plus the stroller, car seat and BABY! Or maybe I can. Thank God he is such a good baby. Well, it should definitely be an interesting experience. I'm sure in the future, when my family has hopefully grown by two more, I will look back on this and think it was a piece of cake. Until then, I may or may not order a glass of wine on the flight to help with my nerves. Added benefit- may help sweet baby boy sleep more soundly. Don't judge. I am from New Orleans after all.

Here are some NECESSARY ITEMS:

Well I better get back to packing and checking my list twice! I'll update after the trip. Here's to a smooth journey and a wonderful trip with wonderful family!

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