Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOT home for the holidays

I ask for your patience in advance as I am completely new to the blogging world. With George and I living 100's of miles away from our family and friends...ok, we live in the same state as most, but it is literally 100's of miles away nonetheless...I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone up to date on the goings-on inour lives. Since we got married in May, which by the way, was the best day of my life to date, our lives have been on fast forward. We had to move me up to Shreveport, drive back to BR for my graduation, and then begin the daunting task of studying for the bar (and George for the boards).

Literally, hours after completing the Louisiana Bar Exam (and George's 2nd round of boards), we got on a plane and headed to the Florida Keys. We had a great time with Mark, Kathy, John, Leila and the Marshalls. It was the perfect ending to hell week. We flew back and 24 hours later, I began my grown-up job. Fast forward a few, well-deserved, lazy months in Shreveport and the occasional trip to BR for some Tiger Tailgating, I found out that I passed the bar and George did well on his boards.

So here we are, with our time in Shreveport almost halfway over and we have some huge decisions to make. George is currently applying to residency programs in Birmingham, AL; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA and Shreveport, LA. As of yet, this is one of the biggest decisions we have had to make. It's HUGE, as it will more than likely be where we spend the next 8 years. It is where we will start our family. This is pretty much all we think about, and all we talk about...sorry guys...

We are going to be traveling to said locations so that we may make a more informed decision:
1.nola- We both love New Orleans, the culture, the night life, the people, the food...and I could go on and on. My particular fave- NO MORE BAR EXAM! Of course there are things we dont love; specifically, the crime.
2. b'ham-We have both been to Birmingham years ago to visit my sister while she was in dental school. George is currently doing a rotation there and I am going to join him for a mini-vaca. I am confident that he has researched various eateries, residential areas and of course, shopping locales and will be taking me on long tours of said establishments. This will all be taking place over the Thanksgiving holiday, hence, why we will not be home for the holidays as the title indicates.
3. port city- so far, we have enjoyed our relaxing time in Shreveport and are still becoming acclimated with the city.
4. Charleston- we will make this journey the second week of January. I am sure I will love the city, the view, the architecture etc. It is missing one thing however, my family and friends.

I hope you all havea very Happy Thanksgiving. George and I will be staying at the Hyatt in Birmingham, right around the corner from the summit shopping center :::LOVE::: Even though we won't be with our families, we are bringing some tradition to the Hyatt. I will be making Mr. Mark's oyster casserole, my mom's macaroni and cheese and we will have popeyes chicken instead of turkey. You may not like it, but to us, its pretty close to perfect.