Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BIG changes.

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, mommy to a beautiful 18 month old, and wife to my amazing hubby. We have finally settled into quite a routine (and have for quite some time) since welcoming our sweet Mark Perry  18 months ago. The beginning was rocky, but eventually became smooth sailing. Fast forward to present day and we are looking at some HUGE life events from now through August. In that short 6 month period our lives will change as follows: we will purchase our first house, we will move to a city where neither of us have ever lived, I will give birth to our second baby boy, George will graduate residency, George will start a new job, and George will take his Board exams. Phew, it is exhausting to see it written.

It is hard to rank what will rock our world the most. I think the birth of Jack ranks pretty high for life-changing. I have been forewarned that it will certainly speed up the clock and make life seem as if it is going by even faster. Hard to believe that could be possible yet I know it must be true. I find myself, on many occasions, staring at Mark while he is doing what to most would be considered ordinary (yet to me, as mommy, is surely evidence of his genius ;) ) and I whisper to myself "commit this moment to memory.... take a picture with your mind... you're going to want to remember this." I close my eyes and try to hold on to the memory of how his little chubby fingers look like they could pop if they got any chubbier....the way he moves his baby chair outside just so for the perfect climbing device....the way he climbs up the stairs and hysterically laughs when he reaches the top, knowing he just accomplished something....the way he is so determined to climb up to the slide at the playground and on his way down he has a smile that is so big it makes my heart swell. I could go on and on about these experiences that I want to remember forever...the days are filled with these memories I don't ever want to forget. I never really understood what people meant about time flying until I had Mark. Every. single. day. he grows up just a little more than the day before. If I blink, I fear I will miss it. As I stand on the "edge" of being a mommy of one and becoming a mommy of two, this desire to remember it all is stronger than ever. I know our family will constantly create new memories and I am so excited for that, I just wish it could slow down a bit and allow me to savor these moments just a little more. Wishful thinking I guess.

As much as I am slightly wary of all these changes at once, I am more so thrilled about them! I am so ready for George to finish with residency. It has been fun and we have certainly met some amazing people, but I'm ready for him to be compensated for all of his hard work and devotion. :) I am likewise excited about purchasing our first home (although I'm sure it will be stressful at times) and moving to Mandeville. We aren't from there but it seems beautiful and a great place to raise our family the way we want to. Bonus, it's just a hop,skip and jump from the greatest city ever, NOLA. Another change I forgot to mention, that is incredibly dear to me, is my switch from full-time employment to part-time. I will get more time with my family which is more rewarding than any career could ever be. I will still keep my toes in the water, because I feel that I need something that is mine to keep my sanity. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am over-the-moon excited that I will get to spend more time with my babies and husband. I am very much looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!

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