Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Discoveries

It goes without saying that in the land of “new parentdom,” there are ALWAYS new discoveries…for all involved participants. However, since this is my first go at being a mommy (or maybe it's just part of the territory), I find these new discoveries thrilling , exciting, and oftentimes hilarious. The list of discoveries could go on and on but here are a few of the most recent...

Discovery Number One: his penis. Seriously. This I find neither thrilling nor exciting. I do find it somewhat hilarious and a little ominous of things to come. Not only did he find his penis. He will. Not. Let. It. Go. EVER. If the diaper is off, he is holding it. George and I try to keep our reaction to a minimum as we believe that it is normal and healthy, but his facial expression at times :::think deer in headlights:::: has us rolling with laughter.

He'll kill me for this one day, I'm quite certain.

If this is TMI, I’m sorry. I find myself sharing details I would have blushed over their mentioning prior to becoming a mommy. When I said I find it ominous…I don’t mean it in a bad way per se….just that I’ve heard boys hold on to their prized possession for much of toddlerhood, take a brief respite only to resume the activity as they enter puberty. Oh the joys of being a mother to a boy!

Discovery Number two: His voice. This is my favorite discovery. I simply cannot get enough of his sounds, coos and babbles. Just last night, he said mama. Not the usual “ma” sound shoved between “baba” and “dada,” but a long “mamamama.” I melted. And did a lot of celebrating and clapping in hopes that he is encouraged to call me by name. He seems to be a fan of the sound "dada"...grrrr. He is also a big fan of shrieking. He really gets going when he sees his puppy sisters in the morning.

Seriously, He grabs them so tight, falls on them and shrieks. It’s so cute. Meanwhile, my dogs are looking at me like “seriously?!?” I hope they can run fast when he mobile because I am fairly certain he will want to show them his love.

Discovery Number Three: Our Dogs. I mentioned this in the previous post but it deserves its own segment. Mark loves Lily and Layla. I swear he is more excited about those dogs than he is when he sees me or George. In the morning, after he has eaten and is dressed, we venture out to let the dogs out to potty. As soon as he lays eyes on them he starts bouncing in my arms, smiling and lunging at the dogs; all through this he is babbling, cooing and shrieking (of course). When I let them back in, he repeats the same behavior. It is so gosh darn cute! On the same note, Lily has also discovered Mark. She watches him in the highchair and if his applesauce-covered hand comes down on the side, she is the first in line to lick it clean. I foresee a lot of food sharing in our near future. I just hope Mark doesn’t try to eat the dog food.

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